Black Cosmetics

Lipstick & Blusher

Every black woman should have a make up bag filled with great black cosmetics. At the very least, your make up bag should contain foundation, mascara, eye liner as well as lipstick, lip liner, blush as well as a great make up brush set and other applicators.

Makari Skin Care

Lipsticks and Lip Liners

There is a fantastic array of lipsticks on offer that suit all black women. These range from dark plums, burgundies, berries, chocolates as well as bright reds.

Lip gloss

If you don’t fancy color, you can always seek out an alternative black cosmetic and go for a lip gloss. This can give your lips a healthy looking glow.

Lip Liners

When using a lip liner, always ensure that it is the same color as the your lipstick. It is now the 21st century and that two-tone look is out, believe me.

Blush – Always apply with a good make up brush set

Darker skinned women normally don’t need blush but if you’d like to add a splash of color to your cheeks, then pinks, burgundies and reds are best. The darker the complexion, the darker your blusher should be.

When applying blush, put a little powder on your brush, a Mac make up brush set works great, tapping off the excess, and apply to the apple of your cheek. To find the actual position of the apple of your cheek, look into a mirror and smile and brush upwards in an arc from your cheekbone to your hairline. This should be applied very lightly and then set with a light brush of translucent powder.