Eye Makeup For Black Women – Eye Shadow

Eye Makeup For Black Women – Eye Shadow

Black women are very lucky because almost any shade of eyeshadow will suit the skin depending on how brave you are. For the more conservative look the best eye makeup for black women is eyeshadows that are of earthy and natural tones. For the brave and beautiful, choose deep greens and plum colors. If you really want to stand out in a crowd, go for metallic shades.

MAC Eyeshadowsmac-eyeshadow-swiss-chocolate

For a natural brown and earthy tone, a good choice of eyeshadow for black women is from the MAC eyeshadow range. MAC has proved to provide excellent shades of eye makeup for black women which suit all different shades of brown and black skin tones. This is because there is a high level of pigment in the construction of their eyeshadows. The higher the pigment, the less likely your skin will end up looking ashy when you apply your makeup. A great example is the MAC Swiss Chocolate Eyeshadow. Other great tones are available from the MAC range and can be easily found in all the great department stores.

Christian Dior 2 Color Eyeshadow

christian-dior-2-color-eyeshadowChristian Dior make a fabulous range of eye makeup that suit black women. A two-tone eyeshadow palette with two contrasting color tones will work well particularly on darker black skin tones. Use the both colors on your eye sockets, making sure to blend well. This will ensure a striking effect.

Shany Eyeshadow Palette

If you want to try metallic shades of eyeshadow, a good way to start would be to buy a makeup palette with a wide range of colors to choose from. This way you can experiment with different shade combinations and different types of eyeshadows to use for day wear and evening time. Shany Makeup palette gives you the choice of 40 colors to mix and match to your hearts content.new-shany-metalic-eyeshadow-kit

The choice of eye makeup for black women is very wide. The decision on the type of eyeshadow you go for will just depend on how bold you are. If you are just starting to experiment with makeup, choose colors that are close to your skin tone. Once you get braver, go for bold colors that make a real statement.  Click here to buy the Shany Eyeshadow Palette today.

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