Makeup Tips For Black Women

One of the best make up tips for black women is to find black skin care products that have been specifically created to enhance black skin. Products that are currently popular are those made by MAC and Revlon, Maybelline and Fashion Fair.Make Up Tips For Black Women

These products pay attention to the tones and pigmentation that make up black skin. This is important because make up can cause a chemical reaction when applied to your face. The natural oils and tones of the skin will affect how a product looks. One example is when you choose a foundation for your skin, you need to ensure that you are trying it on in under natural lighting conditions because there is a real difference in how your face looks when you apply make in your bathroom or bedroom under artificial light. Then you go outside and find that your skin looks pale and pasty because you have chosen a foundation that is far too light.

Where You Should Look For Make Up Tips For Black Women

A good place to find helpful information about make up tips for black women and black skin care products is to take a look at the range of books available at your local library or bookshop. You can even find useful and informative books from  Head over to amazon and take a look at books about African American skin care.

You can also find great make up tips for black women by simply going to the mall and heading over to a make up counter at one of the big department stores. The assistants working there are usually very skilled in applying make up so they can give you valuable information about what is right for your skin type. It is even possible to get a free makeover session. The make up artist will not only take you through the whole process of picking out suitable a foundation, concealer, eye shadows and lip colours but you may even get a discount on the black skin care products that are used. Always be sure to ask for tester pots that you can take home with you and you could end up with a lovely goodie bag as well as a free makeover.

So my top tips for getting great make up tips for black women is to buy helpful books, visit a make up counter and get helpful advice from a make up consultant as well as a free makeover and grab as many freebies as you can.

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