Eye Make Up For Black Women

Eye Make Up For Black Women

This incorporates the application of mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow.

Eye Make Up For Black Women – Mascara

It is highly recommended that you purchase the best quality mascara that you can afford.  The more you invest in this product, the better the quality.  I would also recommend sticking to the colour black to fully accentuate your lashes.  Don’t forget to do both the upper and lower lashes.  A little tip is to place little translucent powder under you lower lashes in order to wipe away any mascara that accidentally falls onto your skin.

Eye Make Up For Black Women – Eye Liner

You have a choice between using a pencil or a liquid liner.  Pencils are much easier to use but liquid liner can give you a much thinner line.  It depends on what look you are going for.  Women with darker skin should stick to using black colour as browns will just disappear into your skin.

Eye Make Up For Black Women – Eye Shadow

Earthy and natural tones are very good for black skin.  These shades include browns, caramels and golds.  If you want to be really dramatic go for plums or deep greens.  Eye make up for black women can be as adventurous as you dare. Metallic colours or anything with a shimmer would be perfect for a night out on the town.