Make Up For Black Skin

Make Up For Black Skin – Step One – Your Skin Type

The first thing you need to know so that you choose the correct foundation for your skin type is whether you have dry or oily skin.  If you have dry skin, you should look for a foudation with added moisturiser.  If you have oily skin, opt for a cosmetic product that is oil-free.

Make Up For Black Skin – Step Two – Do You Need Concealer?

Concealer is a great product that hides any blemishes you may have.  It should be the same colour as your skin.  Dab a little on the darker areas on your face.  This tends to be around the eyes and also dab a little on any scars you may have from old spots.  Make sure this is blended well into your skin.  This step should be done before you apply your foundation.

Make Up For Black Skin – Step Three – Your Foundation

You will now be able to start looking for a foundation that matches as closely as possible to your skin tone.  I would recommend that you enlist the help of a make up artist in your local department store, who will be able to ensure that you get the correct shade for your skin type.  This product should blend and disappear into your skin when it is applied.  The best place to test this is on the jaw line.  Most people test products on the back of their hands but this is highly inappropriate as your hands tend to be a different shade to your face.  (This is another reason why I would recommend visiting a make up counter.)

When applying foundation, you can either use your fingers or a brush or little sponges, whatever you feel comfortable using.  Start working your foundation from the centre of your face, to your nose, around the eyes and then the chin and forehead, making sure to blend well and avoid creating streaks.  This will help to ensure that you do not look end up looking like you are wearing a mask.

Make Up For Black Skin – Step Four – Loose Powder

It is recommended that you now use a loose powder to set your foundation.  This powder should be transparent or slightly tinted (in the same shade as your foundation).  This will also absorb any oil on your face so that it does not look shiny.